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What goes into the making of a successful banner design? 

Banners have been the most crucial thing in internet marketing. A good banner can help your website stand apart from the crowd of million other websites. Banner happens to be the first point of interaction between user and the website holder. Hence, it has to be appealing enough to generate sales. An arresting banner can actually hold the attention of the visitor and compel him to browse through other pages of the website.

So, one thing is clear that the banner has to be appealing, professional, captivating, interesting and last but certainly not the least unique. Let’s contemplate what ingredients goes into the making of a successful banner design-

Play with visitor’s inquisitiveness

We humans are very curious by nature. It is the curiosity that has lead to the invention of great deal of things for our comfort and luxury. Same is the case with banners. If your banner can arouse curiosity among the visitor, he by no means can hold back and not click on the banner page. So, to compel the user to navigate through the entire site, make sure you use powerful slogans, sentences and titles on banners. This really gives a kick to the visitor’s curiosity and he will click on the banner to satiate his curiosity.

Size and Integration

Banner size holds a very prominent place when it comes to a successful banner design. Make sure you keep small file size of the banner. This is due to the reason that large file size image takes longer to load. And if your banner is taking so much time to load, there is a chance that the visitor might switch to some other website immediately or might not return to your page again. Further it is very crucial that the banner goes with the overall theme of the website. It has to be in sync with the site in terms of design and color.

Propel ‘Action’

It is very crucial to draw the user into action. It can be done through various creative approaches. One of the most commonly used method is use of Flash technology to develop banners that invite visitors. Also, you can try to introduce games which will propel visitor to play and while they are playing their mind is less opposing and more ready to read the entire message you want them to read. But some people are of opinion that it distracts the user from main content on the web page.

Think Different

Rather than following the clichéd trends and techniques of banner designing, brainstorm to think out of the box. Try to be a trend setter rather than blindly following the already established norms. For this you need to experiment with different ideas of banner designing. Try and create something that immediately catches the attention and has a great impact on user’s mind. A different design not only helps in generating revenue but sets a whole new trend for others to follow.

Graphics along with information

Having nice graphics on the banner is important but if it does not convey any information, it is of no use. One should always aim on the banner graphics that are visually appealing and at the same time brings out the essence of the website via specific information. So, make sure next time you go for incredible graphical design on banner, don’t forget to make it an informative one for the target audience.

Appropriate font and colors

Many designers make a common mistake of using wrong fonts and color scheme which makes the banner completely unreadable. The visitors become victims of blurry letters, small letters or poor contrast. The fonts should be large enough and the colors should be noticeable so as to give a professional look to the website.

Keep it simple and fresh

It has been noticed that simple banners have higher click through rates than the ones which are unfocused and vague. Stuffing too much graphics and content in the banner confuses the visitor. So, keep it simple as far as it is possible. Further, it is very crucial to refresh your banner after a particular period of time. This helps to retain the novelty factor and freshness of the website.

Highlight ‘Free’

The word ‘Free’ in the banner instantly catches the visitor’s attention. So, make a point that you use word ‘Free’ in your banner and offer something absolutely free like a free software or free downloadable wallpapers etc. It entices the visitor and increases the CTR’s of the website. But you should actually deliver what you are offering so as to save your site from gathering negative publicity.

You can use these relevant points to create a niche of your own by having a great banner design of your website. For more information, browse through

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