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Below deliverables are spread across 6 months.
Package Recommended For Niche Moderate Competitive Competitive + Aggressive
Set up
Number of networks 1 1 2 4 6
Managing Merchant Account: 1 Days 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
New Program Consultation
Program Bio (HTML Format)
Affiliate Program Agreement for Affiliates
APPLIED Publisher reply email content (HTML Format)
APPROVED publisher reply email content (HTML Format)
DECLINED publisher reply email content (HTML Format)
Integrating Tracking Code
Contents & Designing
Text Links Creation 2 4 6 8 10
Banner Creation 1 2 3 6
Flash Banner ads 1 2
Mobile Banner ads 1 2 4
Writing e-mail content for recruiting publishers
Writing content for affiliate page
Writing e-mail content for newsletters
Designing newsletter (HTML)
Designing affiliate page
Publisher Recruitment & Communication
Number of Publishers (Per week) 15 30 50 120 180
Recruiting Publishers
Recruiting Super Publisher
Recruiting SEM & PPC Publishers
Reviewing publisher’s application
Strategies for reactivating publishers
Answering and replying to publishers
Datafeeds, Widgets & Videos
Creating Data feed files
Uploading Data feeds
Third Party Affiliate tools
Creating & uploading widgets
Uploading videos
Other services
Add on services on networks (Only on ShareASale)
Additional Store Management
Pay Per Call campaign
Setting up additional Campaign
Managing additional campaign
Coupon code consultation
Uploading coupon deals
Google analytics
Sending Newsletter
Monitoring clicks & sales
Program analysis & optimization
Updating & maintenance
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Weekly sales details report
Monthly sales details report
Customer Support

Banner Ads: Up to 2 modifications only. ( gif or jpg format) Affiliate Landing page : The Cost for creating a landing page will be - $150 (if requried) Tracking Pixel: We can't do in programming for special cases.

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